Hilti Art Foundation Vaduz

Our Philosophy

A good lighting design utilizes light to enhance the character of a space creating not only a unique setting but also comfort and security. The right light encourages creativity, efficiency and the productivity of people who are learning and working in the space and reduces errors. Innovative, unique and distinctive atmospheres make a great first impression to customers and for people with limited vision, with adaptive lighting making everyday life easier.

Who we are

Triplex Mensa Heidelberg, Foto: Stephan Baumann

Triplex Mensa Heidelberg, Foto: Stephan Baumann

Experienced & Diverse

We employ lighting planners, architects, interior designers, and product designers with a comprehensive understanding of light, and with many years of experience in the building and energy industry.

Kenzo Paris, Foto: Uwe Belzner

Sustainable & innovative

In addition to design and functional requirements, our lighting planning is always oriented towards sustainable and resource-saving solutions.
For us, sustainability also means the consideration and flexibility of our employees: Many work in individual time models.

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Köln, Foto: M.Jungblut/ N.Wolf

Network & Interdisciplinary

We work in a networked and interdisciplinary manner – within our team, with our partner companies EK Energiekonzepte and Lenum, as well as externally with all project participants and architects.
Our experienced team is constantly searching for innovative and sustainable solutions at the highest design level.

Our Working Method

DLZ Giessen Vaduz

DLG Giessen, Vaduz

The whole spektrum

For spektrum, this means the professional handling of our projects in all phases – from the first concept sketch to visualizations, lighting calculations, tendering and detailed drawings to construction management, and light commissioning.

LLB Hauptsitz Grundriss, Vaduz

Design to commissioning

Our work at spectrum includes hand sketches as well as CAD-based drawings, computer-generated lighting calculations as well as handcrafted samples.
Our working philosophy is based on many years of experience, professionalism, our internal networking, and our team spirit.

Professionelle Ergebnisse

LLB Hauptsitz, Vaduz

Professional results

Our professional planning includes the implementation of the presented and optimized ideas. Calculations and sample setups guarantee the realization of the concepts in accordance with the standards and in a comprehensive manner.


Senior Lighting Designer
Project Manager

MSc Lighting Design
MSc Architektur


Stefan Bürkli
Board Member
Daylight Planning

BSc FH Holzbauingenieur
DAS FH Bauphysik
Lichtdesigner SLG


Senior Lighting Designer
Project Manager

MSc Lighting Design


Managing Director
Project Manager

Lichtplaner MA LD
Architekt MSc, Dipl.-Ing. FH


Senior Lighting Designer
Project Manager

Dipl. Ing. Architektin


External Consultant
Stage Lighting/Technology


Iris Müller

Lighting Designer
Project Manager

Dipl. Ing. Architektin (FH)


Lighting Designer
Project Manager

BA Hons Design for Industry


Eva Trösch

Deputy Manager
Project Manager

Dipl. Ing. Innenarchitektin (FH)



spektrum is curious

Would you like to be part of our spektrum team?
We are always interested in motivated and inspiring applications.

Please send your relevant portfolio (PDF) to: info@spektrum.design


Energy, environment and Sustainability

In addition to our expertise in lighting design, our partner companies provide us with a comprehensive network in the fields of energy, sustainability and environmental consulting for businesses, private individuals, and the public sector.

Our company network, consisting of Lenum AG in Vaduz and EK Energiekonzepte in Zürich, offering the following services:

  • Sustainable building & certification
  • Building physics & building acoustics
  • Building ecology
  • Condition & potential analysis
  • Energy concepts
  • Expertise, measurements & simulations
  • Public sector energy advice
  • Energy efficiency and climate protection for companies
Energiekonzepte AG
Lenum AG
Wettbewerb Lechmere Viadukt Boston, Visualisierung: spektrum
Wettbewerb Lechmere Viadukt Boston, Visualisierung: spektrum