A good lighting design uses light to enhance the character of a space creating not only a special ambience but also comfort and security. The right light promotes creativity, efficiency and productivity of people who are learning and working in the space and reduces errors. Innovative, unique and unmistakable atmospheres make a great impression on customers and for people with limited vision, adapted lighting makes everyday life easier.

Our experienced team is always on the lookout for innovative and sustainable solutions at the highest design level. We work in an interdisciplinary method both internally with our sister companies EK Energy Concepts and Lenum and externally with all project participants such as architects and specialist planners.
SPEKTRUM IS prospective

Many of our designers work part-time – for us that’s sustainable and future-oriented, too.

The regional relationship to nature influences our work every day and motivates us to plan our lighting in a sustainable manner and conserve resources.

SPEKTRUM IS experienced
Our team consists of employees of different origins – in terms of their training as well as culturally. We employ architects, interior designers and product designers from 6 different nations with a comprehensive understanding of light, but also for the entire construction area and construction process, as well as many years of professional experience in the construction and energy industries.

Working Method

The whole spectrum

The whole spectrum. For spectrum, this means the professional, holistic and conscientious processing of our projects in all phases, from the first concept sketch to visualizations, lighting calculations, tendering, detailed drawings to construction management, lighting and commissioning.

Our range of work includes hand-drawn sketches as well as CAD-based drawings, computer-based light calculations as well as custom samples. Our way of working is based on many years of experience, professionalism, our internal network and our team spirit.

We develop concepts that are individually tailored to each project and know how to present them in an understandable and convincing manner. Our sketches and visualizations illustrate our ideas and make them visible.
Our professional planning includes the implementation of the presented and optimized ideas. Calculations and sample structures guarantee that the concepts are implemented in accordance with the standards and function properly.
For us, our projects are only completed when they are handed over to the client. This requires conscientious detailed planning of all relevant areas in order to guarantee professional execution. The focus is on close cooperation with everyone involved in the project.


Our company network, consisting of Lenum AG in Vaduz and EK Energiekonzepte in ZUrich, offers the following services:
  1. Sustainable building & certification
  2. Building physics & building acoustics
  3. Building ecology
  4. Condition & potential analyzes
  5. Energy concepts
  6. Expertise, measurements & simulations
  7. Public sector energy advice
  8. Energy efficiency and climate protection for companies

Professional Memberships (relevant for spectrum)

SLG (Swiss Light Society)
IALD (founding member of Alpine chapter)
LIA (Liechtenstein chamber of Architects and Engineers)



spektrum is the lighting design team of  Lenum AG/ Vaduz and EK Energiekonzepte AG/ Zurich.
2020Our light brand spectrum is born in order to be able to position ourselves even better, to work even more efficiently and design-oriented and to be able to offer our customers the best possible project solutions.
We form a close network with our sister companies. Together we operate across borders and have a pool of almost 40 employees.
We see ourselves as a competent contact for the areas of lighting planning, sustainability, building physics and energy concepts within an interdisciplinary planning team.
The understanding of the building as an overall system is reflected in our team composition with employees from a wide variety of disciplines. This diversity enables us to find proven and new approaches within the team
to develop, assess and implement interdisciplinary. We develop and implement innovative projects with the highest design standards for sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.
2017LDE Light Design Engineering AG Liechtenstein is integrated into Lenum AG / EK Energiekonzepte AG. This way, another area of holistic energy planning can be covered. Uwe Belzner was a co-founder of LDE Belzner Holmes in Stuttgart in 1989, and in 2003 he founded LDE Liechtenstein AG.
2010Lenum AG takes over 3Plan AG’s shares in EK Energiekonzepte AG
Since then, EK Energiekonzepte AG and Lenum AG have been sister companies that work closely together. Together we can access a wide range of know-how and a variety of well-trained employees.
Lenum AG and EK Energiekonzepte AG develop and implement innovative strategies for sustainability in the field of energy and the environment. The building understands how it works in interaction with its surroundings. Only a precise coordination of all sub-areas (building physics & indoor climate, building technology & energy systems, material & building construction, economy & life cycle costs leads us to successful concepts.
2007Foundation of EK Energiekonzepte AG by Bob Gysin + Partner and 3Plan AG
2000Foundation of Lenum AG in Vaduz/ LI by Christoph Ospelt and Gerwin Frick



Spektrum is curious

Would you like to be part of our spektrum? We are always interested in motivated and inspiring applications.

Please send your meaningful portfolio (PDF) to  info@spektrum.design.