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Our Competencies

Coverage of all service phases from advising, concepts, planning, tendering, allocation, project management to overseeing the installation and commissioning of the lighting system.



spektrum offers design-oriented and professionally sound solutions, which include modern concepts for energy efficiency and sustainability as well as sophisticated lighting solutions.


spektrum  designs lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces of all kinds using artificial light sources.

We use the structure of a building to optimize the integration and use of daylight. spektrum analyzes existing plans or buildings and develops measures for the best use and implementation of natural light.

spektrum offers the right light management, integrated into an intelligent lighting plan and ensures the most efficient use of light tailored to individual client requirements and needs.

spektrum supplies the lighting design in room scenarios for museums, flagship stores, experience exhibitions, trade fair appearances and events for brand and product presentations.

Each project is unique and occasionally special solutions are required. In collaboration with professional partners, spektrum develops special luminaires based on technical knowledge and many years of experience.

Permanent and temporary lighting and technology installations for events require special planning and equipment. spektrum delivers tailor-made solutions for every event.