Montforthaus Feldkirch

Innovative und exemplary lighting design solution for a concert hall

Interior + exterior lighting, stage lighting


Scope of work: all phases from concept to implementing

                            (with Uwe Belzner, BELZNER HOLMES Light-Design)

Architect: Hascher Jehle Architekten/ Mitiska Wänger Architekten ZT

Period: 2011 – 2014

Photos: David Matthiessen


Our team developed a harmonious lighting design solution for the building itself as well as for the stage. The transmitting idea of the architect’s design should as well be found in the lighting design concept: daylight travels through the huge glass openings in the roof and is transmitted to the inner parts of the building to create homogene and natural appearance. The luminaires can be adjusted to different colours or scenes

and can therefore create atmosphere for different uses such as concerts, conventions or receptions.